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WASD - Move

I - Interact

O/P - Equip

Before we jump into anything, I want to give a huge thanks to HeartBeast for his tutorial series getting me into game development as well as ModalModule(https://twitter.com/modalmodule?s=17) for adding in some awesome music into my game ^-^

This game, "Unfinished", is about a kid who wakes up inside an unfinished video game made by his father and must escape using his programming powers. Only downside is that the kid doubts himself as to whether or not he can actually be a good game developer just like his father. But throughout the game, whether or not he escapes is up to you!

This game was my senior project at an after-school art program I attended last year, and in those project's, we were to tell people a story that's important to us through our art mediums, and being a game developer, I chose this as my art medium for the project. The story that I wanted to tell is about how I sometimes feel as a game developer, who doesn't feel like they're good enough yet, and wondering if I would ever be or not, and that's what I put into the character that you play as in the game. At the event where I and many other seniors were showing off our projects, two people came up to me and congratulated me for making a game, but the part I appreciated the most and still remember to this day is how their child was playing the game, and they could see on the child's face how happy they were enjoying the game and having fun with it, and to me, that moment feels very special, knowing that I was able to make someone happy through something that I made ^-^

So for the game itself, I built it off Heartbeast's ARPG tutorial series as a base, which I thank him a lot for, as well as many other people who helped me make the game ^-^
Also even though i "finished" the project, I didn't release it until now(a year later), and the main reason to that was even though the theme of the game is supposed to be "Unfinished/Not done", I was unsure how people would receive the game as, but I said fudge it and release it so that you guys who don't follow me as much know I'm making games as normal and such, as well as been working on my pixel art skills more and more :p

But yeah, besides all of that stuff, I hope you enjoy my game(and my future ones to come) ^-^


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Where's the mac version?


It's still building itself :p

'grats bro! :)